Ancient Bricks is stunning brick breaker game for iOS and Android devices. You have to journey through an ancient temple, collecting as many treasures as you can. You can either explore the temple's chambers through 180 beautifully handcrafted levels or venture below into the mine where the deeper you get the more precious treasures you will find!

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Key features

  • breakout genre reinvented
  • 240 handcrafted levels in Exploration Mode
  • 7 unlockable ball types
  • 4 unlockable paddle types
  • lots of power-ups, power-downs and collectable items
  • more than 30 unlockable upgrades
  • real-time physics
  • endless destruction in Mining Mode
  • daily, weekly and random missions
  • full Retina Display support
  • single touch and tilt controls
  • easy to pick up and play
  • fast-paced addictive gameplay
  • universal app

Comming soon with the next update

  • Cloud save (Google Play Game Save)
  • Progress synchronization across devices
  • Update 1.4

    • 4 new chargeable paddles
    • 60 new campaign levels
    • 4 new stone tablets

    Updates 1.0 - 1.3

    • bug fixes
    • stability improvements
    • application size has been reduced by 30%

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